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The EntrebellionHQ

What is The Entrebellion HQ?

The Entrebellion HQ is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their businesses into alignment with their Souls and who are ready to fully step into the work they came here to do in this life.
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The EntrebellionHQ is also the home of a handful of groups that support programs and courses offered by me, Chynna Haas. If you're a member of our align community or Death to the Newsletter, you will receive a special invite to your private group space to connect with others in your program or course.

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Below is a livestream I recently did sharing more about the why and how for our new EntrebellionHQ Community.Video

A bit about me and why I created this space....

My name is Chynna Haas and I am an Intuitive Business Healer. That I work Spirit to help us do business in more intuitive, intentional, and aligned ways that support the reason we are each here at this time.

I created the EntrebellionHQ as a private, safe space for rebellious entrepreneurs to come together so we can connect, learn, grow, and fully step into our truest, most aligned and powerful selves we are here to be in this life.

There are a few things about me you need to know…
- I don’t believe in marketing or advertising. They are outdated ways of communicating and connecting with those we are meant to be of service to, so it’s time we just let them go.
- I think we need to shift our energy and focus to intentional community building and this community is an example of how we can do that.
- I love entrepreneurs who are healers, creatives, and visionaries! I believe in you. I will fiercely advocate for you. And I will lovingly and boldly be your guide in this life.

My life's work is guiding entrepreneurs to build businesses that align with their souls and allow them to serve others.

Are you ready for a new way of doing business?
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With love & rebellion,

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